Tuesday, 12 January 2010

20 for 2010 - The Hereafter

Will number 6 on the list let us know what is in the Hereafter.

The closest Clint Eastwood has come to horror before was his first directorial effort Play Misty for Me, which was essentially a stalker movie. The main draw with Hereafter is that Clint will once again flirt with horror but this time with the supernatural.

To be honest it's hard to see why Eastwood hasn't tried this genre before, after all in a majority of his films there is a throughline of guilt, redemption and forgiveness the sort of concepts that would easily fit with an understanding of what death brings and ensuring you're at peace. I don't know what his personal beliefs are (there's a cynical view of Catholocism in many of the pictures) but it will be curious to see how the 80 year old is able to view death.

The script has some pedigree, coming from The Queen writer Peter Morgan and Matt Damon is returning to Clint for the second film in a row to play a blue-collar American dealing with death in a differnt way from a French journalist (Cecile de France) and a London schoolboy - the one in the picture who's name I don't know.

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