Friday, 22 January 2010

John Hurt

Happy Birthday to

John Hurt

70 today

The iconic Hurt, who's devaited between chest bursting sci-fi to Quentin Crisp, maintains his very ecclectic and diverse repertoire in his 70th year. Last week he was the foul mouthed Ol Man Peanut in 44 inch Chest and later this year he returns to the Harry Potter franchise as the wand salesman. Personally I'm most excited for the collection of shorts New York, I Love You, which now has a UK release date.

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TomS said...

Hurt was the only reason I didn't walk out on Midnight Express. Also, he was unforgettable (if unrecognizable!) in The Elephant Man, still one of David Lynch's most beautiful films....
Glad to see he's still working!