Saturday, 9 January 2010

Susannah York

Happy birthday to

Susannah York

69 today

Ms York is a wonderfully pouty actress, probably best remembered for ebing a costume drama clothes horse in the 60's as she went from Tom Jones to A Man for All Seasons to They Shoot Horses, Dont They. Last year saw a supporting role in twisty sci-fi Franklyn and this year we need to on the look out for her performance as a nun. It's good to see she's still trying new rags on.


TomS said...

Ben, Wow, I didn't know she was still making movies...I am so glad, I loved her in "Horses" and will never forget the notorious "Killing of Sister George"!
Thanks for remembering her.

Runs Like A Gay said...

She's still doing stuff - but whether they ever open or not is another question.

Franklyn had a great international young cast with Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green and Sam Riley as the three leads, but it only managed a limited release here and straight to video over in the US.

And I can't imagine that The Calling will be commercial, unless there's a surge in demand for films with Brenda Blethyn.