Thursday, 21 January 2010

Geena Davis

Happy Birthday to

Geena Davis

54 today

A few days ago I was asked in the comments whether I'd seen Thelma & Louise, I held on replying until today so I can laud the greatest moment of Ms Davis' career to date. As the put upon housewife who blossoms during following an acto of self defence and a wild escape from the law Davis exhibits a range we've hardly had a chance to experience. In fact, since the late 90's we've only seen her in the multiplexes for the Stuart Little franchise. Will someone please bring Geena back from TV?

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TomS said...

Ah, what a coincidence, having just mentioned Thelma and Louise in connection to your recent Ridley Scott piece. Yes, her Thelma to Susan Sarandon's Louise was unforgettable!
Thanks for remembering her....