Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Luise Rainer

Happy Birthday to

Luise Rainer

100 today

It's a wonderful thing, reaching 100, and I'm sure you'd all like to join me to celebrating the centenary this complex and celebrated German star of the 1930s. She will forever be immortalised for being the first person to win back to back acting Oscars (for The Great Ziegfield and The Good Earth) although sadly the roles dried up soon after this extraodinary run, partly due to her own casting demands.

As it's a special birthday here's a couple of clips of Luise in action:

The first shows her tearful reaction to Florenz Ziegfield second marriage

And the second (spoiler alert!!!) shows her deathbed scene in The Good Earth


Alex in Movieland said...

her first win is quite infamous... those who've seen it, admit it! :) especially with Carole Lombard in the mix.

Runs Like A Gay said...

To be honest I think neither of the performances has aged at all well.

Carole Lombard would have been a better choice in 37 and Irene Dunne and Janet Gaynor are both, arguably, better in 38.