Friday, 22 January 2010

Out this week (22/01/10)

There are a couple of films this week that I fancy seeing, and a couple more look quite good too. If you're in the mood for something less mainstream then I would suggest trying Un Prophète, but the film of the week has to be Jim Sheridan's Brothers with it's superb cast list and worthy heritage.


Or Armored if you happen to live in the US. The premise to this thriller is really interesting, revolving around a security van crew who hijack their own van. With a large portion of the second act taking place with one guard getting cold feet and locking himself inside. Interesting cast too - including Laurence Fishburne and Matt Dillon.

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The Boys are back

The first of the two films I fancy seeing this week is based on the true tory of Simon Carr, diarist for the Independent (which is my paper of choice). There have been some changes to the story - Australia instead of New Zealand and a sports journalist instead of politics - but the concept of always saying yes as a parent has stayed the same. Should be a good watch.

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The more starrier picture is Jim Sheridan's remake of Suzanne Bier's Brode. Essentially it's a family drama about the damage of war both to the men who fight it and to their families left behind in the proud tradition of The Best Years of Our Lives and Coming Home. If it comes close to the power of those films it's well worth the ticket price.

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Ninja Assassin

US based martial arts movie starring South Korea's biggest crossover pop star Rain and directed by James V for Vendetta McTeigue.. All about a man turning his back on the ophanage that raised him. Did brisk business in the States, so expect some tills to ring this weekend.

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Un Prophète

Just this week Jacques Audiard's powerful prison drama has been listed among the final 9 for the Best Foreign Language Oscar this year, and it's hotly tipped for one of the nominations. It concentrates on a young Arab man (Tahar Rahim) forced to compromise his morals and his ideas whilst inside.

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Hindi movie set during the 1800's and described as an epic love story of a warrior. Extremely bombastic trailer with some ananchronistic costuming and dastardly British supporting roles.

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TomS said...

I will be interested in your view on "Brothers". I enjoyed the film, but I seem to be a lone voice in the wilderness! While it veers close to descending into melodrama, I did enjoy the tight focus on character and attention to the details of American suburban life.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Saw "Brothers" today. Thought it was very good - an improvement on the original, but have some minor quibbles.

Review coming later this week.