Thursday, 14 January 2010

20 for 2010 - Inception

No countdown for 2010 could be complete without my number 5 choice Inception.

Christopher Nolan's twisty looking sci-fi thriller is primed to be a major contender in the '10 summer market. Not linked to a comic book franchise, save that of the auteurial connection to the Dark Knight, it's rumoured to have a budget north of $250m. This will make profitability extremely hard to achieve, although the fan boy anticipation is pretty high, and James Cameron's proved just this month that you don't need a tentpole title to make some cash.

The story, which is being kept very guarded, involves hacking into peoples dreams and stealing intellectual property. This metaphysical angle to the heist movie at least explains the gravity defying action, and folding cities we've been witnessing in the trailers. Nolan has also hinted in interviews that the themes of madness and lost love, as well as the thriller elements are indicative of how persoanl the project is. This is his small movie between Batman films - only it's not small. In fact he's proud to admit it's his biggest challenge to date.

Nolan has assembled a top notch cast with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page leading the pack. This is also a good hint that either this script is fantastic, or there's enough goodwill towards Nolan based on his previous projects that Hollywood elite will sign up to anything with his name on it. Let's face it, whether this turns out to be masterpiece or a very expensive turkey, it's got must-see written all over it.

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Alex in Movieland said...

ha! :)

I'm so happy I didn't sign up in ur contest yet, cause i was probably gonna say Inception :P

i hope i'll get time to give it a try later today. I still have gazillion stuff to do for my blog for the next 24 hours

Runs Like A Gay said...

You still have plenty of time to make a guess, Alex.

Just name the film in a comment for any post and I'll pick it up.